900 Global Ordnance C4

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The Ordnance C4 introduces an improvement on a previous core paired with a proven cover. The S70 Hybrid Cover features equal parts solid/pearl components. This ensures optimal length and backend on all medium conditions. The Shrapnel 2.0 Core improves upon the previously used Shrapnel Core by utilizing a density change that raises the RG a point. This creates a cleaner look through the front combined with more shape down the lane.

Released: November 27th, 2020



The Shrapnel 2.0 Core upgrades the Shrapnel core used on the previously released Ordnance Solid. We have kept the same basic shape but widened it across the midsection. Along with a slight density change, this allows us to raise the RG a point while still maintaining a lower differential. These changes have produced a great benchmark shape that will dominate medium length patterns.