900 Global Honey Badger Intensity

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The HB Revival features a twist on the famous Grapnel Core along with a cover that has never been used on a previous HB. The S70 Hybrid Cover gives the player the best of both worlds. Adequate traction in the oil combined with an angular reaction off the dry. The Grapnel 2.0 Core upgrades the original HB Core by offering dynamic integrity across all the weights while maintaining maximum length and backend the HB balls have become known for.

Released: March 12th, 2020



The Grapnel 2.0 Core quickly became known as a piece that will lope through the front part of the lane with very little effort and change directions sharply. Most heavy oil balls tend to feature lower RGs to promote early revolutions off the player’s hand. The Grapnel 2.0 has been built with length and backend in mind for heavy patterns.