Turbo Quad Blue

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QUAD® (Q) – Available in: 19 sizes, 7 colorsStandard 31/32” diameter for sizes 19/31 – 13/16,
1 1/32” diameter for sizes 53/64 – 29/32.

Ms. QUAD® (MQ) – 7/8″ diameter, Available in 15 sizes, *5 colors.

Side 1:
Perfect Oval – Milled Oval with Smooth or Mesh Surface – designed as a true, milled oval shape. This oval shape is flat through the center and is the most like the shape of your fingertip giving you a very natural and relaxed fit. Use mesh textured surface for a tackier feel.

Side 2:
Power Oval – has 1/8″ forward pitch for more subtle increase in loft. The finger pad has a contoured shape and smooth surface. Ideal for most bowlers.